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How to Make a Massage Demo Video to Get New Clients

I’ve recently done something revolutionary for my massage business: I made a video of myself in action. My new clients increased substantially, my Facebook business page started getting a lot more views and likes, and my advertising dollars suddenly stretched a lot farther.

The days of describing your style and hoping people got the picture were… fine. Trying to tell people how my massage style was different from everyone else’s was always an adventure, because I had to ride that fine line between sounding exactly like everyone else and sounding like a pompous jerk. But it’s the year 2016 or so, and we’re well into the age of easy online video. Why don’t we show instead of just telling?

It’s really not so hard. There might be some equipment to buy, and the editing can be a bit of trouble, but I promise that it’s worth the effort. ... continue reading.

How to Use Facebook Boosting to Get New Massage Clients

So you have a Facebook page for your business, you’re making regular posts, but you’re not seeing new business. What gives? Is it broken? Should you keep trying?

To start, let’s go back over the basics, which you can find in much greater detail in my last business post, “How to Use a Facebook Page to Build Your Massage Business.”

  • Your first job is to make the page look “like you.” Can the client tell that your page is a massage business at a glance? Does it look somewhat professional? And yes, cell phone pics of you and your room are fine for now.
  • Have you gotten an initial crop of likes from friends and clients? Use the “invite friends” function to recruit your friends and family members who already support your business and who think you’re great. Use your email list to invite your clients to like your page (it may take a couple of reminders, so consider putting your Facebook address at the bottom of all of your emails as well).
  • Have you written a few introductory posts, spaced over the course of a couple of weeks?

Good! You’re up and running, and you should start reaping rewards within a few months. Did I mention that this is a slow process that relies on consistent upkeep?

But Ian, I’m not getting ANY reaction!

That’s normal at first, and it’s kind of baked into the system. The only people who will see your posts are those who hit the “like” button, and only a small percentage of those. If you have 50 likes, you’ll only be reaching 10-15 people at first. ... continue reading.

Massage Tutorial Video: Myofascial Release Basics (sloth-style)

What is myofascial release, anyway? In this new massage tutorial video, I talk about the philosophy of MFR (as I see it), show you a self-demonstration so that you can feel the effects, and then demo some techniques on a client.

As I say in the title, this is “sloth-style” myofascial release. While I get much of my inspiration from the teachings of Pete Whitridge, I’ve melded it pretty firmly with my version of Swedish massage. I’m not overly concerned with finding the optimal speed or pressure, or with using my sense of the fascia for diagnosis. I’ve found that by stealing from the myofascial philosophy, my existing routine became easier and more effective. ... continue reading.

Massage Product Review: StrongLite Curve face cradle

That’s my video review of StrongLite’s Curve face cradle. It came with my massage chair, but I liked it so much that I started using it for everything.

Pros: Thinner memory foam pad that doesn’t squish your face. Easy height/angle adjustments with just one lever. The cross-bar doesn’t smash into your chin.

Cons: It’s expensive (about 110 bucks as of this post).

Just to be clear, this does nothing to resolve the sinus pressure that can build up during extended periods of lying prone. That’s all down to the physics of our circulatory system. Still, I’m much happier with my face in this thing than I am with most standard pads, and my clients pretty much hate using other face cradles now. ... continue reading.

How to Use a Facebook Page to Build Your Massage Business

Most massage therapists I know don’t have a Facebook business page and, frankly, it blows my mind. Facebook is how I get 50% of my new clients, and the other half is from word-of-mouth… originating from people who probably found me on Facebook. It’s a shiny new era, my friends, one that doesn’t require you to put an ad in the yellow pages or on the radio. Heck, it barely requires you to have a phone. As Facebook continues its mission to replace all other forms of human communication, it increasingly represents an easy way to find exactly the kind of clients you want.

Why use a business page instead of a personal account?

I see plenty of people who set their name as “Jane Doe Lmt” and just continue to use their personal account to drum up business. For those who don’t mind mixing their business and personal affairs, that’s fine. There are, however, some excellent reasons to set up an official page: ... continue reading.