Massage Tutorial Video: Myofascial Release Basics (sloth-style)

What is myofascial release, anyway? In this new massage tutorial video, I talk about the philosophy of MFR (as I see it), show you a self-demonstration so that you can feel the effects, and then demo some techniques on a client.

As I say in the title, this is “sloth-style” myofascial release. While I get much of my inspiration from the teachings of Pete Whitridge, I’ve melded it pretty firmly with my version of Swedish massage. I’m not overly concerned with finding the optimal speed or pressure, or with using my sense of the fascia for diagnosis. I’ve found that by stealing from the myofascial philosophy, my existing routine became easier and more effective.

This video has been a long time coming! I finally delve into what I mean by “approaching things from a myofascial perspective”: A new angle, a new speed, and a new set of intentions. There’s even some frequently asked questions in there toward the end. Make sure to use the time codes if you’d like to jump around, and I won’t be offended if you increase the video speed by clicking on the gear icon (I do tend to go on).

What do you think? Was the self-massage demo useful to you? Do you have any questions about how to incorporate this into your technique? Let’s talk about it!

4 thoughts on “Massage Tutorial Video: Myofascial Release Basics (sloth-style)

  1. This is the absolute best explanation of fascia that I’ve ever heard. That exercise went along perfectly. Thanks!

  2. Have looked at a lot of instructional videos. Yours are my favorite. I’m an RN trying to learn more about non-invasive, drug free ways of providing relief to my family and close friend for their different stresses and pains. Thank you!

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