My Book: “Massage is Weird”

I wrote a book! It’s about massage, communication, treating pain (and dealing with it yourself), and beating burnout. If that seems kind of broad… it is! This book is everything I know about being a massage therapist, with a special focus on living a life of quiet satisfaction. Click here to order (eBook and softcover versions available), or continue below to read some samples. And hey. Thanks for being interested, it means a lot to me.

Text: Beat burnout. Communicate effectively. Prevent pain and make more money.

Who is this book for? It’s for new massage therapists who are still trying to find their place in the massage world. Do you need to work for someone and give up 75% of your income for the first 5 years, or can you skip to the part where you’re paid what you’re worth? Is wrist pain and thumb pain a necessary part of the process, or can you skip that too? Why is pain so mysterious, and why aren’t you producing all those massage miracles that you see the gurus talk about?

It’s for long-time massage therapists too. Maybe you’re feeling stuck working for a terrible boss, or stuck in a routine that isn’t working for you. We’ll talk about how to branch out as a bodyworker and take those first steps toward a sustainable, satisfying business. We’ll face burnout head-on, putting out the little fires created by a chaotic work environment as well as tackling the big heavy blanket of disillusionment. You can recapture the magic of massage, and it can be easy and freeing.

It’s for my fellow anxious types and introverts. Massage is weird, and it can be a lot to handle when you get easily overwhelmed by thoughts of intimacy and difficult conversations. We’ll work through it together. We’ll talk about setting and enforcing boundaries, and what happens when they get fuzzy. I’ll walk you through an ideal first appointment with a new client, from the moment they walk in to easy re-booking. We’ll talk about creeper-proofing your practice, as well as simple, low-stress ways to rid your schedule of clients who are a poor fit.

If you’re a massage therapist or student, I think you’ll find something worthwhile here.

Click on “free preview” above or on the store page if you’d like to read a sample of my book before buying. If you’ve never purchased an eBook before, just realize that you can read them using the free Kindle app on your phone or iPad. You don’t need a dedicated device, it keeps your place for you, and there is no chance of nasty papercuts!

Thanks for considering my book. It took me six years to write, and it’s pretty much everything I know about massage. Once you’ve read it, I’d love a review! You can leave one on Amazon here, and/or on Goodreads here. I appreciate you!