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Massage Tutorial Video: Reflexology basics, techniques, & routine

This week’s massage tutorial video is on reflexology basics. Now, I should point out that this is my version of reflexology—I’ve long since forgotten most everything about meridians and organ reflex zones, but I’ve been using the techniques for a decade now. This routine feels great, and it seems to create a more profound client experience than your typical Swedish foot massage.

So, does reflexology “work”? That’s a question that I hear from clients and therapists alike. I think people are asking if we can really influence distant organs by interacting with the foot, and I don’t know the answer to that question. I do know that the technique feels vastly different than the stripping and compression that we’re used to. I know that the rhythmic press, press, press of reflexology has an interesting effect on my body and mind, making me feel floaty and dreamy (and making my feet feel fantastic). In this way, I can emphatically say that, yes, reflexology works. ... continue reading.