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Massage Tutorial Video: Pectoralis Major and Minor

New massage tutorial video! This one’s on the chest, specifically pectoralis major and minor. We do some anatomy and kinesiology review, and then I demonstrate some techniques for working with each muscle. It’s not strict myofascial release, but I definitely have the fascia in mind.

The major point that I want to get across about pec major is how freakin big it is. The origin is broad, giving it many directions of leverage over the humerus. That means using exceptionally broad techniques, and it means moving the arm to change the shape of the fascia as you work.

Pec minor is quite a bit smaller, but still important: A LOT of nervous tissue runs under and through it. If it’s hypertonic or irritated, it can have wide-ranging effects. While I don’t do much trigger point work in the area, I find some focused work at a myofascial angle can really get it to chill out. Sometimes a muscle just wants to be acknowledged, you know? ... continue reading.