Massage Video: Strategies for the Trapezius

New massage tutorial! This one’s on the trapezius, everyone’s favorite kite-shaped muscle. While I do discuss some specific techniques, this one’s more about strategy. What pain is associated with the trapezius? How can we work with it thoroughly, and in ways that other massage therapists might not consider?

When I get a client with pervasive neck, shoulder, and back pain, I’m thinking that poor beleaguered trapezius needs some love. By considering all portions of it (even the parts that attach to the clavicle!), we can treat it more thoroughly, and send it a more powerful message, than by just petrissaging that meaty part at the top.

What do you think? Are there any particular techniques that you’d like to share, or strategies for working with this region? I could talk about trapezius all dang day.

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