Massage Video: 5 Massage Methods I’ve Abandoned

New instructional video! This one’s on five massage practices that I no longer make use of:

Why? Some of them were a little more trouble than they were worth. As much as I love psoas work, for example, it takes a good 10 minutes of my session if I give it the time and consideration it deserves. I’ve found that I can accomplish much with low back and hip pain by working with related structures. While I don’t always contact psoas, I know that by working with its synergists and antagonists, I’m having a wide-ranging effect.

Some of my old methods may have even been causing harm. The extreme neck stretches/massage that I learned in many continuing education courses (and that I see in many YouTube videos) are asking a LOT from a collection of rather delicate and sensitive structures. As I say in the video, side effects from this work can range from pain to syncope, and there’s even a chance for tissue trauma in vulnerable clients. Does this mean I don’t work with the neck? Heck no, I can spend a good half hour there 🙂 I just work within existing ROM, and avoid techniques that might compromise the local nervous and vascular tissue. I’ll have a demonstration of a good myofascial technique for working with neck ROM up soon.

It’s likely that you’ll find a point or two to disagree with in this video. I’d like to hear about it, and I’d also like to hear about massage methods and strategies that you’ve given up over the course of your career. Why’d you give them up, and what have you replaced them with?

One thought on “Massage Video: 5 Massage Methods I’ve Abandoned

  1. Thanks again Ian. Another great video. I have always worried about the neck area regarding arteries etc. Finger circles on the SCM and up to the occiput are accepted gratefully in my experience. I must admit that my range does not cover particular work on the psoas, but knowledge from other therapists is always welcome.

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