Massage Tutorial Video: Sciatica Myofascial Release Techniques

Today’s massage tutorial video is on sciatica pain and how to deal with it from a myofascial perspective:

You’ll notice that I don’t spend much time focusing on piriformis or any of the hip rotators. I don’t target the lumbar paraspinals or the sacrum. Instead, I encompass all of these areas in broad “steamroller” techniques that grab the fascia and give it some traction. I’ve had much more success with this approach than any specific neuromuscular work.

I also include some mobilization of the hip as I work, bringing it into different angles of rotation and abduction. While I can’t affect any disc dysfunction that might be present, I do think that I can work with spasm and hypertonicity down the line. Nothing in the body happens in isolation—if there’s nerve impingement near the spine, there’s tight muscle and hypersensitivity nearby, and we can work with that!

How do you approach sciatica pain? Are there techniques or routines you’ve developed over the years that have proven more effective than what you learned in school? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

One thought on “Massage Tutorial Video: Sciatica Myofascial Release Techniques

  1. I am so glad i found you! i used to do massage in Denver, and now i’m in idaho and am looking at picking it up again… but–i have to get certified now. I remember how hard it used to be on my hands and arms, and sought a better way, and wa-la! Enter Sloth Massage! Now, my future in the field looks more inviting and less over-whelming…Thanks for all the info you offer! :o()

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