Massage Tutorial Video: 4 Myofascial Stretches

Want to make your massage client “feel taller,” all while delivering some feel-good meditative contact? Check out my new tutorial video:

Really, these are all just simple table stretches; the trick is in their delivery. They feel good done briefly, but interesting stuff starts happening when you slow down and let your hands do some listening. I find these to be opportunities to connect with my client, and they’re excellent ways of opening or closing a massage!

In fact, let’s talk more about how to end a massage. What do you do to let your clients know that the session has reached its end? This can be verbal or non-verbal. Looking forward to your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Massage Tutorial Video: 4 Myofascial Stretches

  1. A massage therapist recently said I have scarring where you explain that there’s a place on the upper back that’s lumpy and bumpy and snaps under your fingers when moving laterally and upwards, and especially if it’s tight it’s supposed to do this. You said if you work on it too much it will even cause some inflammation. You also said some people call them knots and you discourage that, but I think calling it scarring is even worse. The word scarring seems like it’s not something you can change or heal. I asked about it and the massage therapist said I would need a lot of massage to break it up and smooth it out. Quite a marketing trick! The result is now that I am amazed at the lack of knowledge of that massage therapist. On a slightly different note, you mentioned that some tight areas can be loosened with movement. I’d love some examples of the types of movements that can help. Thank you for your videos.

  2. Thank you so much! I’ve been using these techniques for a couple months and love it. Where did you get the blanket in this video?

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