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Massage Technique Video: “Finger Jiu-Jitsu”

Technique Tuesday! Today we’re doing some finger jiu-jitsu: manipulating the fingers in such a way that you can seamlessly transition between them during your massage. I also demonstrate a few different ways of gripping the hand to facilitate passive stretching during techniques. Fun! Let me know what you think in the comments.

Massage Technique: The Shoulder Accordion

This is a quick one! Just a tiny alteration to shoulder petrissage that can make a big difference in client perception and (possibly) the physiological effects. By creating fascial traction or slack, plain old trapezius squeezing can feel new and interesting. Let me know what you think!

Massage Techniques for Posture (with video and gifs)

Do you have clients who complain of pain related to poor posture? While we can’t directly fix how they stand (this is largely a function of their nervous system), we can give them the freedom to make gradual changes more easily.

This is a guide to accompany my video on massage techniques for posture:

A quick note on communication: If someone comes into your office with a major complex about their posture, the next words out of your mouth could either do a lot to help them, or to add to their self-stigma. This is just like any instance where a client disparages their “bad knee” or “bad shoulder,” as if that part were a villain that they would chop off if they could. You can either adopt their language, or you can use your own. ... continue reading.